Thursday, 29 October 2015

B.O.P Interschool lit quiz

We had nine teams compete yesterday in our local competition.  Aquinas College, Awakeri School, Tahatai Coast School, Tauranga Intermediate and Tauranga Primary.

Our day started with Awakeri, who have attended national and world lit quiz competitions giving us a presentation of their journey and the how they work with their teams.  It was very interesting and I am sure we all took away a few ideas that we will try with our own teams.  A big thank you to Awakeri for sharing with us.

This years questions were written for us by Pat Osman and Vicki Wikohika, both have been librarians at Tauranga Intermediate and spent a lot of time training our lit quiz teams while you were here.  Thank you to both of you, for your challenging questions.

           Pat Osman, Vicki Wikohika and myself.  Past and present 
Tauranga Intermediate librarians a total of 
38 years experience in school libraries!!!!

So with a buzz in there air our quiz master Steve Theunissen got things underway with our first round First Lines, this catagory proved to one that Awakeri knew well with them winning the round with a total of 9/10.  Very impressive.  The next round again won by Awakeri with a score of 6.5 was Who is the character.  Round three began with Awakeri leading and Tauranga Intermediate 1 coming second,  this round proved to be a hard one, Hidden talents, famous people who have written books.  Tauranga Intermediate 1, won this round with a total of 5/10, closing the gap on Awakeri.

The next two rounds were hotly contested, Now and Then and Christmas were ties between Awakeri and Tauranga Intermediate 1.  There were plenty of spot prizes handed out to individuals for answering the quick fire questions between rounds, chocolate and books were handed to well deserving students.

Congratulations to our winners on the day Awakeri with a total of 24.5.
Tauranga Intermediate 1: 22
Aquinas College 1: 12

Congratulations to all our teams,  I hope you all had fun and will continue to enjoy the sport of reading. Those who are year sixes we look forward to you becoming members of our team next year if you are attending Tauranga Intermediate.  The rest of you we will see at Tauranga Intermediate in 2016 for the Regional Kid's Lit Quiz.

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  1. A fantastic event, thoroughly enjoyed by both students and adults! Congratulations Awakeri.