Thursday, 5 June 2014

Last Post

Today is my last day at Tauranga Intermediate Library.
Thank you to Mrs Grey for all her hard work cataloguing, processing, shelving, creating web links and assisting students with enquiries or those learning to become student librarians.
Thank you also to the student librarians who choose to give their time at interval or lunch-time to learn the tasks of a library.
The Library has become a place for classes to research using books, to search online, to read quietly, to talk about books, to collect an eagerly awaited reserve, to play games, to do homework, to create art work, to read the latest newspaper articles, to read the latest rugby magazine, watch a movie........ the list goes on.
It has evolved into a multi-purpose space with comfortable seating, cushions, bright matting and wonderful art work from the students of Tauranga Intermediate.
I shall have fond memories of reading the latest picture book to classes, helping a student locate a book they so dearly want to read, helping students find the right book for their topic of research.
I shall also have fond memories of kids lying under the desk reading, totally unaware of anything around them, students engaged in a chess game, students who have challenged me to a game of Chinese checkers.
I shall close with a list of some of my favourite books - they may become your favourites also.
Some of my favourite fiction titles are:
Wonder, Trash, Bridge to Terabithia, Star of Kazaan, Best Mate, To Kill a Mockingbird, Bob No Ordinary Cat  - to name a few.

Some of my favourite Picture Books are as follows:
The Boring Book, The Chicken Thief, Baa Baa Smart Sheep, Hairy Maclary, Wacky Wednesday, Oh the Places You'll Go, The Giving Tree and The Nickle Nackle Tree.

Happy reading
Yours in books

Mrs W

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