Thursday, 20 March 2014

New website for Battle of Gate Pa research

We have just added a new site to help with Battle of  Gate Pa research:

This is an information rich site valuable for any local history, not just Gate Pa research.
This site is user friendly with lots of images, newspaper articles and biographies of people involved in the battle on both sides of the conflict.

Just recently there was a poetry competition around the Battle of Gate Pa for senior students.
This competition was won by a past student of Tauranga Intermediate  - Emily McCarthy.
Congratulations Emily for winning this.
Emily's poem portrayed the battle site as it was earlier to what it is now in the 21st century.
Below is the link to her work.

Emily's poem

Hope this site is useful.

We have also bought 3 copies of the book "Taratoa and the code of conduct" written by a local librarian Debbie McCauley and illustrated by her daughter Sophie. This book is a wealth of information, images and maps for research on Gate Pa (Pukehinahina).

Mrs W and Mrs Grey

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