Monday, 25 March 2013

Des Hunt - NZ author visit

Last Thursday - March 21st - we had renowned NZ author, Des Hunt, visit our school library.
He wowed us with his scientific links to his stories, using many props that exploded, changed colour, or flew in the air.  He also used magnets to demonstrate the flow of reading, and how the forces of attraction and repulsion hook a reader into a story.

Des Hunt with his earlier books
An experiment with magnets
 He spoke of how few NZ stories were available prior to the 1950s when he was a boy.
He also spoke of the many rejection letters that authors get when trying to have a book published.
Such authors as JK Rowling, Dr Seuss and Beatrix Potter had many rejection letters before their books were published.
He wrote many fiction books, all of
A captive audience
 which are set in different parts of New Zealand.
Des using his "ray gun"
These books are:
A Friend in Paradise
The Moa Cave
Frog Whistle Mine
Shadows in the Ice
Where Cuckoos Call
The Tooth
The Secret of Jelly Mountain
Whale Pot Bay
The Cry of the Taniwha
The Crocodile Nest
The Peco Incident
Steel Pelicans
His latest book - The Phantom of Terawhiti

For further information on Des Hunt, click here to view his website.
Check out any of his books from the library.

Mrs W and Mrs Grey

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