Friday, 9 November 2012

The end is nigh..........

Sadly, the Library year is coming to a close.

Today - Friday November 9th - is the last day for issues for both students and staff.
Miss Blake and I are now on a "hunting and gathering mission".
That means you hunting out all the books/resources and we gather them in for our annual stock - take.
A big plea to students to return your books from now on - look in your desk, look in the bottom of your school bag, the shelves of your class library, or even check at the local city libraries in case a book has been returned there by mistake.
We have a wonderful collection here at Tauranga Intermediate. Our aim is to end the year with as little losses as possible so we start 2013 with our popular series intact, our great picture book stock complete and our graphic novels ready for the next keen group of followers.
We will be open for one more week before we start our massive check of items.

See you in the Library.......
Mrs W and Miss Blake

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