Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Student feedback of the Gavin Bishop visit

Aidan S:  wrote of his thanks for coming to T.I.S. He liked that Gavin talked a lot about his books and how they were illustrated. Aidan's favourite book was Quaky Cat.
Aidan was really amazed when Gavin Bishop pulled out his 64 year old teddy bear called "Teddy".

Riley N of Room 25 wrote his thanks also to Gavin Bishop. He found his books and illustrations interesting.
Riley said his favourite book was also Quaky Cat, even though he didn't write it but that he drew the amazing pictures.
Another favourite book of Rileys was The House that Jack Built, with creative pictures.

Salina T of Room 25 wrote her thanks to Gavin for coming to our school. Salina found his talk of his books interesting and the world about his teddy bear called Ted. Salina's  favourite book was Quaky Cat because of the illustrations and the colours that were used. The most interesting book was The House that Jack Built.

Wiliam E wrote that it was great hearing about Gavin's childhood and hearing excerpts from his book Piano Rock. William said he taught us a lot about what life was like in the 1950s.
William's favourite part was seeing his teddy bear that had been in Gavin's family since he was a kid.

Many thanks to the above students for their feedback.
My highlight was the teddy bear called Teddy also - not much fur left, stitches and patches everywhere but wonderful to have had that in his family for 62 years.

Mrs W

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