Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Scholastic Book Fair

Our Book Fair is well underway.
Just remember it's in the Library - open before school, interval, lunch-time and for class visits also.
Items this year are:
Lots of Marvel Super Hero drawing/activity books.
Marvel Hero books with 3-D glasses.
Avengers movie storybook
Lots of diaries - kittens, spongebob, EJ12
Guitar fact book
There are lots of gadgety items - Glitter Glam kits,  Klutz Stamp Art, Wonky Donkey soft toy and book, Marvel Hero Glow in the Dark set with 27 action figures ......... and so much more.
Check out the stationery box with novelty erasers, pencil sharpeners - even a chocolate calculator!
Posters are also available - cute animals, racing cars and a very scary shark one.
Of course there is also the selection of books - too many to mention!

See you in the Library.......
Mrs W and Miss Blake

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