Monday, 28 May 2012

New Non-fiction in the Library

With the recent death of Steve Jobs, the biography of his life - "Steve Jobs - the man who thought different" - will be a fascinating read of a man who helped to revolutionise the computer industry.
Think Pixar, iPod, iPhone - think Steve Jobs.

Another new book which also refers to Steve Jobs is "100 People who made History."
This book features discoverers - Columbus, Darwin, Einstein etc
                              inventors     - Bell, Steve Jobs, Levi Strauss etc
                              creatives      - Walt Disney, Shakespeare, Coco Chanel etc

A hot topic at present is the whole idea of fair trade. This is debated in the like titled book "Fair Trade" by Jilly Hunt. The book covers such things as:
 child labour, cocoa farming, fair trade countries, Nike, UNICEF, working hours, trade, poverty and Oxfam.
These are ready to issue now.
See you in the Library.

Mrs W and Miss Blake


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