Sunday, 19 February 2012

Checking out the Book shops

On my recent travels to America, I was very keen to check out the titles popular with American children of a similar age to students at TIS.
Pleased to report we are reading very much the same categories here in New Zealand.
At one independent book store I visited, the number one title was from the hugely popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series - Cabin Fever.
Inheritance by Christopher Paolini was right up on the list, as was The Invention of Hugo Cabret.
No doubt, the movie Hugo has made this book so popular once again for Brian Selznick.
Wonderstruck - another by Brian Selznick - was also right up there on the list.
From the picture book genre, I want my Hat back was featured. This is a quirky little book, leading to much discussion afterwards.
All in all, a diverse range of reading material to suit many tastes.

Mrs W

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