Thursday, 10 November 2011

Annual Inter-school Literature Quiz - November 8th

What a great success for our 3 teams who were entered into the quiz on Tuesday.
Mrs Blake and I are both very proud of our results - 1st, 3rd and 4th out of 16 teams.
Hearty congratulations go to the Katikati college team which placed 2nd.
Our thanks go to Mrs Frentz - our supreme quizmaster - it is not a five minute job to produce 50 questions in 5 different categories.
We were delighted to have Mrs Osman return for the quiz day, also armed with one round of questions.
Many thanks go to the teams for providing a lovely array of food to feed our guests.
This quiz is a great way of keeping up the momentum before the big one in May of 2012 with Wayne Mills.
Thank you to the students who showed commitment and dedication throughout the year.
To the Year 8 students who are moving on to college - you will be missed from our lively sessions.
To the Year 7 students, keep up the reading over the holidays to be prepared for next year's event in May.

Mrs W

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  1. The Lit quiz teams did really well. We'll miss you year 8s. You rock.:)